Scuba Diving

Diving at Azalea Cruise 

Azalea Cruise provides guests with fully serviced equipment and Nitrox if required. Our dedicated dive team will work hard to ensure you enjoy the ultimate scuba diving holiday. Diving takes place from a modern, spacious and comfortable diving boat, which travels with Azalea throughout the cruise.


The Maldives is renowned for its natural underwater beauty and is widely regarded as being one of the world's top diving destinations. Unforgettable diving experiences are available to you on a daily basis with the Azalea Cruise experience.


Seasonal oceanic currents have forged channels from the open ocean into all the atolls making it one of the best drift diving experiences in the world. The waters of the atolls are rich in plankton enabling a diverse and abundant marine ecosystem to thrive. The nutrient-rich water feeds colourful sponges and soft corals that cling to the rock sides. There are well known cleaning stations where cleaner wrasse and shrimp service manta rays, and other large marine species.

Why we are different?

Experience the best diving the Maldives has to offer here on Azalea Cruise where adventure and luxury meet in harmony. Our experienced local guides provide you with the best courses in small groups for your safety and comfort. Our number one focus while underwater will be our guests, in order to create a flexible and hassle free experience, whilst also taking into consideration the delicate marine environment of the Maldives and the need to protect it. In addition we are pleased to offer underwater photo/videography: equipment hire or courses to help you capture your best moments with us.

The Dive sites

Azalea Cruise will move through the atolls to the best dive sites en route. Upon your arrival our dive team will brief you of the best possible route and dive sites taking into consideration the prevailing conditions. Dive sites are planned according to the current and best possible timings.  Find More about Routes

Fully equipped dive gear is available to rent on board. Any special equipment can be arranged on request. Underwater sea scooter and top quality underwater photo camera is on our rental list.


Azalea Cruise dive team are certified PADI professionals, always ready to assist our guests and ensure the diving is safe but lots of fun!. Teaching materials are available in different Languages - Please contact us if you need any material in a specific language


Dive Courses

PADI Discover Scuba Diving  -If you have never tried scuba diving before then this is the most ideal program for you to try.  After a short briefing from your instructor you will gear up and get into shallow water where you will practice a few in water skills. After this you will move to deeper water where you can enjoy a whole new underwater world in the safe hands of your instructor.

Program Duration : 2-3 hours

Maximum Depth : 12 meters


You can take full range of PADI dive courses


PADI Scuba Diver Course

(Includes  course manual/certification/9dives)


Open water diver course

(Includes 4-5 days/course manual/certification/9dives)


Advanced Open water diver course

(Includes course manual/certification/5dives)



(Includes course manual/certification/)


Rescue diver

(Course manual/certification/9dives)


Specialty Diver Courses

Deep dive

Wreck dive

Nitrox diver

Underwater Photography

DPV (diver propulsion Vehicle)