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Azalea Scuba Diving

Azalea Scuba Diving

The Azeala Cruise experience offers you an unforgettable, uncomplicated, unhurried and uniquely beautiful floating holiday experience in the sublimely warm, turquoise, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Your dream vacation is about to become a reality. Read More...

Maldives Luxury Yacht

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Water Sports Azalea Cruise Maldives Luxury Yacht 2022/2023

Be it seabobs, 3 of them or guided wakeboarding classes or windsurfing. Azalea’s inventory has a lot of toys to choose from. 1 high speed tender. 2 jet skis. 3 seaboobs. 1 sofa. 2 kayaks. 2 standup paddles. 4 surf boards. 2 wakeboards. 2 e-foils and much more. All instructed and handled by a professional with at least 7 years of experience in Maldivian waters. We can also arrange for beginner surfing classes at ideal locations selected by our surf guide. Chickens in December or Jail Breaks in August?   


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Seadoo Seabob x 3

Yamaha Jetski turbo x 2

Efoil nitro x 1

Water Sports

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Luxury Yacht Maldives Fishing Charter 2022/2023

Fishing on Azalea is not an activity but a ritual. If you are into serious fishing such as sail fishing, our preparations happen 48 hours prior to the morning of the trip. By catching small reef fish and keeping them alive in the sea in a perforated box. These fish are then attached live to the line and released. The live bait attracts giants like the sailfish or barracuda. A prized catch. For the easy goers there is the fishing vessel that gently takes you to magic spots and you could throw a line and be sure to take something back to the yacht for dinner. Spear fishing, trolling, popping, long line and traditional line fishing with weights - take your turn. 


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Rapala Carbon Fiber x 3

Rapala SS x 2


Manta Ray feeding spot dives

Whale Shark excursion rides

Dolphin sunset cruise 

Shark Feeding on yacht 

Sandbank lunch

Beach BBQ

Uninhabited island excursion

Local Island Visits

Hunt and cook

Beach cooking

Live music & shows

Renewal of vows ceremony

Celebrations & surprises

Family gatherings

Theme parties

Christmas, Easter and thanksgiving 

Manta,Dolphin,Whale Shark Cruise

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Resort Day Visit

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